Chapter Three

The Davenport sisters had taken Accra by storm! By day two, they had 18 new travel friends and new names! Because they are both Saturday-born girls, they were given the day name Ama, meaning ‘associated with God,’ at the KLA welcome dinner at Polo Club. Speaking of the welcome dinner, everyone and they mama was in Accra and Mimi and her team chose the best spots to capture the glitz and glamor Accra had to offer. This was not the Africa as seen on the Discovery Channel! When they pulled up to the restaurant and saw Pyer Moss designer Kirby Jean-Raymond, they knew it was just the beginning of a star-studded week. 

The group was thoroughly enjoying the sights, sounds and savory tastes Ghana had to offer. Red Red was now Noelle’s go-to meal when she just couldn’t decide or didn’t want to chance an upset stomach. After first tasting those slow-cooked beans in palm oil and spicy tomato stew paired with sweet fried plantain at Buka Restaurant, she couldn’t get enough! Tonight, she was planning to dance off all the calories at the annual Afrochella festival! The one-day event would feature musical performances, shopping, food trucks and more.

“What are you wearing?” Noelle texted Ryan.”Not sure yet, but it will include sneakers,” Ryan replied. “Prepare to be on your feet all night.” Noelle pulled out a pair of classic black Chucks, noting how dusty it had been in Accra, and paired together a cotton orange pencil skirt, Ankara-print fanny pack and a black and white  “Black: No sugar. No cream.” tank top from one of her favorite stores she found on Instagram, Dope On Arrival  NYC

The KLA group hopped off their tour bus and walked into a swelling crowd of melanated faces. Based on the accents Noelle recognized, festival goers hailed from the Caribbean, the U.K. and the States. Somehow, after stopping to pose for pictures at one of the many beautiful art activations, the sisters got separated from the group. Relying on Ryan’s spotty cell service, the sisters vowed to stick beside each other until they reunited with the group at the meetup place and time. 

Afrochella was a vibe! There was so much to see and do and an abundance of good energy circled the stadium. However, one thing was for sure, ‘CP time’ was nothing like ‘African time.’ Artists that were scheduled to perform at 9pm had still not hit the stage at midnight and nobody seemed to mind. The sisters gave each other ‘the look,’ which signaled they were both tired and ready to go. “We can just get an Uber back to the hotel,” Ryan said, given they still hadn’t seen the group. On their way out of the stadium, they spotted a few of the KLA travelers getting some rest on nearby bleachers. They all had ‘the look,’ too. The small group pushed their way against the crowd of latecomers and locals trying to still get into the venue and eventually made their way back to their home away from home. “Thank God tomorrow is a chill day of brunch and sunbathing at Labadi Beach Hotel,” thought Noelle. Jet lag was starting to hit in a serious way!

Song: Already, Beyonce ft. Shatta Wale & Major Lazer

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